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Therapist Malpractice Insurance

Not all malpractice (also called "professional liability") insurance plans are designed the same. Here you can find malpractice insurance tailored to a range of Therapist and fitness professions.


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Why Do Therapists Need Malpractice Insurance?

Malpractice insurance isn't just for doctors. If you earn your living offering a service or giving guidance, malpractice insurance is vital to protect you in the event a client accuses you of a mistake, negligence, or inaccurate advice.

As a therapist, malpractice insurance protects you against potential claims (whether warranted or not) that may arise out of the many client interactions you have daily. Even if you have great relationships with your clients, mistakes and misunderstandings happen—and you don't want to be ill-prepared for a claim that comes as a surprise.

Having malpractice insurance means if a claim arises, you'll have the protection you need to cover legal fees, preserve your reputation as a therapist, and get back to work with peace of mind.

Therapist Malpractice Insurance Professions

  • Massage Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Behavioral Therapist
  • Rehabilitation Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Yoga Therapist

Why Choose Pearl for Therapist Malpractice Insurance?

It's convenient. A quick, easy application process gets you your certificate of insurance in just 3 minutes.

We've got experience. Our personalized customer service and industry expertise stems from 67 years of industry knowledge.

Coverage is tailor-made. We've tailored our malpractice insurance plans and affordable rates to your needs as a therapist.

Professionals choose us. Over 48,000 allied health professionals have trusted us for their malpractice insurance needs.

We're financially strong. Our carrier partner is backed by the leading international reinsurer, Swiss Re, and rated A- "Excellent" by AM Best.


$13.00 MO